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this is a link to a book published in 1945 about
"Indians in the War"
This publication has many names of the fallen and wounded
as well as articles regarding
Indian Warriors
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This is a link to the Largest Earth Works in north America. The mounds are dated from app. 950-1250 AD., Cahokia Mounds is listed as a World Heritage Site. My family and I are lucky enough to live just a few miles away.
This Astronomy site is just for fun,kinda neat!
The Wall spend some time here a little hard to maneuver
Vietnam Our Forgotten Heros
This area is just for fun
All Wolf Photos on this site are courtesy of Monty Sloan At
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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
I am adding this section to my site since we are facing a problem in the are I live in. In East St. Louis Illinois, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the City of East St. Louis are unvieling plans to build a new ramp onto Interstate 64. With the current plan four or five mounds will be destroyed. This area is noted for
                                 " Cahokia Mounds"
These mounds are the largest earth works in North America and are recognized as a World Heritage Site. Many of the mounds have been destroyed in the name                    of progress over the past several decades. It is time to stop.
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Area 51 view, after all every American Indian knows that the
            U.S. government allways tells the truth.
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Please visit my wolf page and read the article regarding the Governor of Alaska re-instating the slaughter of the Alaskan Wolf.

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Our Warriors
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Oklahomas Chamber of Commerce
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Hoka    Hay
Defense Link Native American Heritage Month
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for Cold War Vets
Comanche Lodge   Learn about the last Chief of the Comanche Nation "Quanah Parker"
The "Cana Mission" goal is to help return Nam era dog tags back to the Vets or their families. Please drop by and at least drop them a thank you
"Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home"
"Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home"
"Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home"
"Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home"
"Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home"
"Bring Em Home"
"Bring Em Home""Bring Em Home"
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