As We Go Through Our Daily
There Are Threads That
Connect Us
They Follow Us Along
 As We
Walk Through Time
Hail and Well Met !
            HUZZAH !!!
                                to the
   Le Guild Du Ste. Brigid
                 This page brought to you by Glen Neal 
              " Sir James Alexander McKensie MacLean"
          This page will be evolving.
It will feature family,friends and beasts.

Where it will lead I do not know, but we                will have fun getting there.
Aye Coom sit by aur fire. Share soom meat.
Share soom wine. Let us taulk of good thin's
                        aund Old Times.
                    Of battles long gone
                     and futures unmet.
One of our favorite things to do at faire is to keep an eye oot for the "Dragons" for they be just  "oer the hill"
  Aye but in past years we had the means to
                       deal with Dragons
One of the fine people that crossed our path.
           It is an honor to grasp the hand of
                          "Mr. Davidson"
                   our Highlander friend
    He will always keep our camp clear of
 Aye und the picture to Ye right , 
Ye muust Keep Yuer ey oot for the 
man in black. For he be the King's
personal  henchman,
               Monsiour Renauld
what so eer the King needs he will
take care of !!!
Aye if Ye see any of these people, beware
for there steel is sharp!!!
Aye but the one in the middle, it won't hurt him nary a wee bit  to take his head.
Hail & Well Met
Memorial Day  2002
Wentzville Ren Faire

Shamis-- James 
Sir James Alexander- me  right
Monsieur Renault --John 

Standing guard over the empty chair during the noon joust. This chair represents all warriors that are with us no more!
Wentzville 2002

Lady Faellyn, the Mistress of our Scottish camp 
James Ian, my nephew during faire

both on the way to the Scotts camp from the front gate.
Huzzah !!!!
Wentzville 2002

Aye a treaty is struck between the Clan MacFarlane, with our 
Sir Duncan on the left, and 
the Head of the Clan Dramoore.

Wentzville 2002

Aye what would we all be without religion ?
Our beloved Cardinal
       AKA  Byrd
Wentzville 2002

Aye careful what Ye say!!!!

The Kings Justice
Monsieur Renault is alive and  well.
Wentzville 2002

The Royal court cheers
during the joust.
Wentzville 2002
Sir James--- Me

Worn out for the day
trying to keep up with
all the duties from
being a Sergeant at Arms
Wentzville 2002

His Majesty and Rickles
Showing all how to have a good time at the 
Kings Jam
All in a day at the Faire
  Dragon Fire from Art Bells web site
Hail from a few of us of "Le Guild Du Ste. Brigid"
                As Lady Faellyn will tell Ye
    " Sae Lang as thar be Dragons in our
                  Magic be a relative term"