There are many people that have helped me in this attempt, some of them I know personally,some of them I have never met, and still many more have went on before me. Let me start with a few that I can recall, I will expand on the list of people to thank and people to give credit to as this page develops further.

First I would like to thank my Wife for drawing                           me into the circle.
I would like to thank my father who has passed
            on for starting my interest in the 
                          Gourd Dance                              
                    I would like to thank 
 Mr. Sam Blatchford  and Grand Mother Rabbit                for their guidance in the circle!
I must first start this site with a clear statement that information listed on this page is information that I came across in my search to better understand the Gourd Dance. I will further state that I am not a member of any Gourd Dance Society or Clan.

Please remember this is information that 
in some cases I CAN NOT VERIFY.
If you are truly drawn here seek out the source
Speak with the Kiowa Elders or
Gourd Clan Men!!!!!
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The origin of the Gourd Dance is somewhat clouded, but I believe that most people agree that it can be credited to the following two tribes. One is the Kiowa the other is the Comanche both are of the southern plains. The resurgence of the Gourd Dance post Korean war can be contributed directly to the Kiowa.
This dance is strictly a Mans dance. The story of the origin of the dance as I have heard can be contributed to the legend of the Red Wolf. That is why still to this day at the end of a Gourd Dance song the dancers and singers give out the cry
                                of the Red Wolf.
  One story is of a Kiowa warrior tired and separated from a war party was trying to find his way back to his village. The warrior heard a strange and melodic sound coming from over a rise. He slowly went to the top and peered over to see Red Wolf down at the bottom . Red Wolf was bouncing up and down on his haunches. He had a fan in his left hand and a rattle in his right. He was singing songs and melodies that were stirring the spirit of the warrior. The warrior listened to the songs and melodies throughout the rest of the day and night. At the end of each song the Red Wolf would raise his rattle to the sky and vigorously shake it and let out a howl.
At day break the Red Wolf stopped and looked up to the Warrior. Red Wolf called to the Warrior and told him that these songs were a gift to his people for their bravery in battle. He was to take these songs back to the people. If the people were true to their culture and did things in a good way they would have these songs to sing and this dance to use to honor their Warriors for their bravery and deeds in battle.
May Grandfather Walk With You & Yours
 This site is here to repay the kindness of
Grandpa Rabbit
others who have helped along the way
To contact us drop a line to address below
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Everything on this site is copyrighted. What is not this author's has been reproduced with either permission of the author, or credit to the author if known.
GIF's and images on this site have been reproduced with permission of the authors.
If you wish to copy or reproduce all or portions of this site for educational purposes, please act with honor and contact me for permission. 

      Thank you.
I am proud to say that I have finally received permission to use information that was given to me the first time I had an interest in the Gourd Dance. My wife was introduced to Gourd Dance first by Mr. Lezley Russell and his wife Mrs. Carolyn Russell. After watching and asking about the history of the dance I soon became interested. Then after asking Mr. Russell he presented me with the information I needed to get started. This included a basic history of the dance, an article about the "Seven Sisters" and pictures on basic regalia. My first time to Gourd Dance, I was brought into the circle by Mr. Russell in Moberly Mo. I also had my give-away the next year at Moberly. Since that time my interest has grown, the more I learn the less I know. I felt that a part of the privilege to dance was to help people understand the origins of the Gourd Dance. 

              "Thank all of you that have made this site possible."
   This is a link to a new page dedicated to our
         Families past and non-dance related
     things we like to do with the Scottish Guild
                   Le Guild Du Ste. Brigid

Recently a visitor expressed in my guest book that they had enjoyed my page. They also expressed that they were looking for the cultural impact that the Gourd Dance has had on the Kiowa society. This is a very valid question. This will give me another project.  I wish to thank the visitor that brought this to my attention.
10/24/02 I might have a start on the answer to this question on page 2.
This past week I viewed an article published by my local newspaper.
This article released from the Pentagon concerns  exposure of our VETERANS to biological and chemical substances. This occurred in the 1960's. 
Although we should always be proud of Turtle island, the people in control are not always honorable. I will post this article on 
  The Veterans Page
After viewing a commercial for a foreign car companies SUV , in which Wolves were portrayed as vicious toward a man. My wife and I wanted to add this note.
There has never been a recorded case of any Wolf attacking a Human.
In fact we should all strive to be as good a parent. As well as family and group oriented as the Wolf Pack.

Since the Wolves came back from near extinction it is a shame that such a portrayal of them should exist.
The Gourd Dance Shawl
you see is my wife's. I have placed it here to honor the memory of her father
Frank L. Parker 
a decorated WW2 Veteran.
May Grandfather Walk with You and Yours   G.A.N. 9/16/01
" You can never be part Indian. You are or you are not. It is, not the quantity of Indian blood that runs through your veins that is important, but the quality of it..... your pride in being. I have seen full-bloods who care very little for their people and their ancestors, yet I have seen people with as little as 1/50th. blood quantum who inspire nations. They are truly proud of their people and ancestors. Embrace these brothers and sisters who care so much. They are our life and future."

               James Branham -- A Monacan Indian

Paul Vandevelder / LiaisonAgency
   We have received a request from
   "Southwest Indian Foundation"
This is in regards to help to set up an educational  fund for the
 Lori Piestewa children.
 We felt that to honor the memory of this   Warrior   that this site would post this  request. If you can, would you please visit the link below and  contribute. We can not think of any greater way to honor her memory 

Your help is needed by the Alaskan Wolves. Please visit my WOLF page for details

This is a little off the usual subject I pay attention to. 
I recently received an article regarding the way the RIAA
(Recording Industry Association of America)
has started to target people who download music over the Internet. 
Let there be no mistake as far as the legalities of the matter they are in the right. I do not however agree with the way they have started ATTACKING people that they deem guilty. They have recently chosen 261 people to target for prosecution.
The one that distresses me is a 
honor student that lives in a New York housing unit.
This young lady is an honor student and has a single parent.
Her and her mother were taken to court, forced to pay a $2,000.00 fine and apologize for stealing music.

I do not agree with this. 
I know there is a line to be drawn.
I also do not wish to promote illegal activities. I do not quite see the difference between this and the days when people recorded music over the radio.
People were not targeted then!
Remember without people like us the
would not exist.
Please let then know what you think click on the link.
Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois said
"Are you headed to junior high schools to round up the usual suspects ?"
To learn more click the link below
Fight the good fight!!!
If you have not been here in a while refresh the page, since I try to update often. 
November is
Native American Heritage
Click on the image above to learn about some of our 
Wow rolled over once already
    Thanks to all my visitors
I have just finished listening to a new CD created by Verdell Primeaux and his Family.
This Cd is dedicated to Lori Piestewa.
Anyone and all Veterans need to here this as it is was done to help ALL with the healing process. 
All you Veterans visiting here seek this CD out.
Click on the image below to take you to the 
place order one.
I have recently been working on expanding my 
Wolf Page
I am expanding this page to include 
environmental issues
and sites
Please take a few moments to take a look
and enjoy a few of the images
and information
you will find there.

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Please help
The Alaskan wolves are in a fight for their lives.
Aerial Hunting is taking a toll
Some people have found a loop hole in Federal laws that will allow them to slaughter our 
Brother the Wolf