Throughout time there has been many war crimes and atrocities committed against
Men, Women and Children
During World War 2
The Jewish Culture
The Asian Culture
The Burmese Culture

There is one long forgotten

"The American Holocaust"
committed against the
American Indian
This ranges from the time the Pilgrims brought Smallpox infected blankets to the new world, to the theft of Tribal Lands.
From the intentional extermination of food sources, to the intentional extermination of Tribes.
Washita to San Creek
The Trail of Tears
The Long Walk
It is my hope and with the idea given by my wife
I shed some light on this subject.
We hope to help educate the ones that have not heard of these things, since most of this is not taught in schools.
For the ones that know of these horrific acts we hope to keep them in your minds as to never forget.
"Lest we Forget"

Trail of Tears 1838
The Long Walk 1864
San Creek 1864
Washita River 1868
Wounded Knee 1890

These acts of Genocide did not go on for the duration of one war, as in World War 2.
They were going on in strength for
Fifty Two Years.
They started before that in smaller incidents that did not draw world wide attention and went on into the twentieth century.
Still today the parties responsible have not been brought to justice nor has retribution been made to those descendents affected